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Come diving in Palau with the top rated Palau dive shop and get jaw-droppingly close to Manta Rays, Sharks, Dolphins, Turtles, Eels, and whirlwinds of Brilliant Fish. One of the world’s most prized & protected scuba diving destinations, Palau boasts unimaginable riches just below the surface, including…


Awesome Dropoffs & Dive Spots

Descend into the exquisitely peaceful, ethereal Blue Holes. Watch the sunlight dance above you as you sink deep into an indigo abyss.


Spellbinding Palau Drift Dives

Clip into the reef at the famous Palau dive site Blue Corner and relax as an endless parade of sharks & rays put on a show all around you.


Wreck Diving Palau

Explore the remains of planes and ship sunk during WWII. Experience the eerie thrill of world-class wreck diving.


100% Hassle-Free Valet Diving

No lugging wet, heavy gear around for you! We clean, dry & store it every night and get it back on the boat with fresh tanks the next day.


Explore the Island at Night

Get a live-aboard experience with the freedom & comfort of a shore-based operation. Meet the locals & see the sights!




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WE REQUIRE THAT YOU HAVE DIVE ACCIDENT INSURANCE ( https://sandbardiving.com/dan-insurance ) Palau does have a chamber, but for more advanced care Manila and Guam are the closest options.

TRAVEL INSURANCE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ( https://sandbardiving.com/dan-travel-insurance )

Minimum deposit: $1850
Any balance due is due by: September 2, 2023

Hotel room for 2 weeks - double occupancy (1 week option available, both people in room must choose same option)
5 day of diving per week - 13 dives per week (Friday and Saturday are off days)
Lunch included on dive days for diver packages
Reef hook included in diver package
NITROX is included in diver package
T-Shirt is included in diver package
Airport Transfers

Dive permit fees
Lunches on non-dive days
Lunch is not included for non-divers
Dinner is not included (LOTS of restaurants within easy walking distance)
Night Dive

Make sure your passport has at least 6 months left on it AFTER our trip before it expires.
Check our website for updated Corona 19 Entry Requirements

Any balance over the initial deposit will be refunded provided the cancellation is more than 120 days prior to scheduled trip.

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