• Truk Lagoon - Chuuk

Truk Lagoon - Chuuk

March 19 - 26, 2022

If you've been a diver for awhile, you've likely already heard about diving in Truk Lagoon in the country of Chuuk.  Join Scuba Center Temecula on our trip in 2021 and see for yourself the wrecks and the history under the sea.

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Stay at the Truk Stop Hotel when you travel to Truk Lagoon with Scuba Center TemeculaIncluded:

  • Ocean View Room (Double Occupancy)
  • Diving (Recreational OR Technical)
  • Airport Transfers
  • All taxes
  • Farewell BBQ Dinner (Included ONLY in your package with Scuba Center Temecula)



One of the rooms available at Truk Stop Hotel when you travel with Scuba Center TemeculaAvailable Options:

  • Annual Dive Permit. All divers are required to have one.  You can pay for yours when you make your reservation here, or wait until you arrive at Truk Lagoon Dive Center.
  • Single Suppliment. Have the room to yourself!
  • 1 Day Meal Plan (Menu)
  • 1 Week Meal Plan (Menu)
  • Night Dives (Recreational)
  • Outer Reef Dives
  • Shark Dives (Recreational)
  • Non-Diver Option
  • Nitrox Available when you arrive at Truk Lagoon Dive Center

Truk Stop Hotel Rooms:

  • Ocean View
  • A/C
  • Room Safe
  • WiFi
  • Shower
  • Phone
  • Check in / Check Out - 12pm

Map of Wrecks in Truck Lagoon when you travel with Scuba Center TemeculaAvailable Dive Sites:

Chuuk was effectively cut off from the outside world from 1936 until the end of World War II. On February 17 th and 18 th of 1944, the U.S. military carried out air and sea strikes on Truk Lagoon sinking over 45 warships, damaging many others, and destroying more than 250 aircraft that were caught on the ground during the attacks.

Click on the map to the right to see the different Wreck Dive sites in a new browser window.

Dive with Truk Lagoon Dive Center while we're there with Scuba Center Temecula

Tec Divers:

Rentals available:

  • Twin Cylinders w/ Manifold
  • Stage Cylinders - 80 cf, 63cf, 40cf
  • Backplate/Wing
  • Double Regulators
  • Stage Regulator

Tec Support Available:

  • Oxygen Available
  • Helium Available
  • Sofnolime Available
  • Intersorb Available
  • Rebreather Cylinders Available

Visit Chuuk / Truk Lagoon with Scuba Center TemeculaHow to get there:

Chuuk (formerly called Truk or Truk Lagoon) is one of four States which comprise the Federated States of Micronesia. Physically located at 7.30 degrees North Latitude and 151.45 degrees Longitude, Chuuk is just north of the equator, about half way between Hawaii and the Philippines, and only 633 miles southeast of Guam.

United Micronesia is the only commercial airline providing regularly scheduled flights to Chuuk with non-stop service directly from Guam to Chuuk or from Honolulu to Chuuk via the island hopper with short, 1 hour stops in Majuro, Kwajalien, Kosrae, and Pohnpei.

While Guam is the most common gateway to Chuuk, there are several ways to get to Guam that are worth exploring. One in via Japan but the more common and cost effective alternative route may be via Manila.


Minimum Deposit: $750, non-refundable

Full Balance Due: Balance due will be charged to credit card on file if not paid in full prior to January 15, 2021



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